Applying Calibration

Precautions when applying
the calibration
  • Calibration report can be issued only for the case that it is calibrated in our facility.
  • In case of calibration in your facility, strait pipeline at least 3D or more in front or after the flowmeter should be secured.
  • Flowmeter measurement range of calibration system of Kometer
    Liquid: 0.005 ~ 300 ㎥ /h (Access piping Max. 150A)
    Gas: 0.000 7 ~ 1350 N㎥ /h (Access piping Max. 200A)
* In our facility: calibration using the calibration system within Kometer factory
* In your facility: calibration by visiting our engineering to the flowmeter installation site.
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Information on collecting and using personal information
The 'Korea Flowmeter Industry Co., Ltd.' will notify you of the following matters related to the collection and use of information of companies / organizations and individuals according to related laws and regulations.

1. Purpose of Use of Information Collection: Consultation and Progress
2. Collection / use items: Name, general telephone, mobile phone, email, consultation contents
3. Period of possession and use: 6 months after the conclusion of the consultation, immediately upon request of the information provider
4. Personal Information Handling Officer: Tel 032-584-5301 / Email