Turbine Flowmeter

Introduction of item

 KTR-550-S-F   has been specially manufactured with driving part and flow indicating part separated for occasions when it is hard to check flow rate at a site. Flow meter with top-notch technology integrated is suitable for sites with especially highly difficult condition or difficult access. Because its driving part is mechanical, it can be applied for all fluids of low temperature to high temperature with relatively high accuracy and excellent reproducibility.


 KTR-550-S-F can be applied to alcohol, toluene, etc. which are not electrically conductive. And it can be used also in oil and gas, power plants, pharmaceutical and pulp & paper-making industry. However, it is recommended to not use for fluids containing sludge or highly viscous fluids. Also, it can be provided in flange type or screw (male or female) type while being able to cope with various piping conditions.


Product Features